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We build high-performing
Revenue Operating Systems on HubSpot CRM.

Let's empower your revenue teams by designing, building, and optimizing a revenue operating system built for scale, efficiency, and impact.

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Built for Scaling B2B SaaS Companies

The program is designed for SaaS companies with between 20 to 250 people that are scaling their business through a Sales-led, Product-led, or Hybrid Go-to-Market (GTM) strategy.

The program is a good fit if you are already using HubSpot, but are facing one or several of the following challenges:

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You are looking to scale and evolve your growth strategy

We're trending towards leaner and more efficient revenue teams supported by a smart CRM, AI-enhanced tools, and better access to enriched lead data for more effective outreach.

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Your lead management process & customer journey feel disjointed and inefficient

A poorly designed revenue operating system results in inefficient lead engagement, lower conversion rates, and higher operational friction.

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You are struggling with hitting your revenue targets

Instead of just adding more headcount to reach your growth targets, RevOps can help you enhance productivity by designing new and optimizing current processes.


The Hidden Friction Tax

You've made significant investments in CRM and other systems to build a scalable revenue operating system, aiming to elevate customer experiences and supercharge your sales engine. However, as your company has grown, these once-solutions have turned into complex problems.

Your CRM is poorly documented, overcomplicated, and maybe even pieced together by someone who's long since left the building. With so many moving parts, it's tough to grasp the entire situation, let alone figure out a starting point for untangling the mess.

The result? A loss in productivity across your revenue teams, missed opportunities, and unreliable data — a "Friction Tax" silently draining your potential revenue.

A bit like trying to run a race with a parachute attached to your back.


What is a Revenue Operating System?

A revenue operating system is a holistic framework that encompasses the people, processes, technology, and data a business uses to grow and scale.

How it works

Get a Scalable
Revenue Operating System in 12 Weeks.

Let's boost your revenue engine by increasing your sales velocity and reducing operational friction


Revenue Operating
System Diagnostics


Building the
Revenue Operating System



Week 1 - 4

Revenue Operating System Diagnostics

Our signature method aligns your business goals with strategies that deliver Real Impact. We'll identify high-impact optimization opportunities and create a clear, actionable plan for growth based on your priorities and growth stage.

Week 1

Kick-off Call
Meet your fractional RevOps team committed to your success.

RevOps & User Surveys
Share where you're at and where you want to go.

Scheduling of User Interviews
Understanding the users improves the adoption and overall efficacy of your CRM.

Week 2
RevOps Audit
Deep dive into your current systems and processes.
Benchmarking & Dashboards
We set up the RevOps Command Center dashboard and conduct benchmark analysis.
Customer Journey Mapping
We map out your customer journey to understand your business operations.
Week 3 - 4
Process Design
We design your Revenue Operating System on a digital whiteboard.
Project Alignment
We walk you through the workflow in ClickUp (2-week sprints).
Impact Filter & OKR Presentation
Our mutual action plan detailing immediate and strategic initiatives.

Building the Revenue Operating System.

Now it's time to roll up our sleeves and get to work. You'll see quick wins (like CRM decluttering, data quality improvements, and operational streamlining) and progress toward the overall Objectives and Key Results (OKR) outlined in the Impact Filter.


Bi-weekly Sprints

We work in bi-weekly sprints to keep up momentum and focus on the right things.

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Monthly Impact Assessments

At the end of each month, we review the work done and its impact.


Training & Change Management

We don't design a black box. Documentation and training is a key part of our delivery. Skipping this part is why most CRM implementations fail.

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After the program is completed, you'll get the option to continue working with us to further improve your Revenue Operating System.

How Revenue Operations
can make Real Impact.

Revenue Operations is a way to reduce friction to make sure the three big areas of your business - sales, marketing, and service - are moving smoothly, accelerating your growth flywheel and letting nothing stand in your way.


System Architechture & Data management

Design and implement a revenue operating system that improves data quality, reduces internal friction, and consolidates tools.

Process Optimization & Automation

Streamline and automate sales, marketing, and customer success processes to increase sales velocity and reduce friction.

Performance Measurement & Analytics

Gain a clear understanding of performance across all revenue-generating activities to make informed decisions and drive business growth.

Compensation & Incentive Programs

Design incentive programs that motivate and reward desired behaviors in sales, marketing, and customer success teams.

Alignment & Collaboration

Foster a culture of collaboration and alignment across departments to ensure unified efforts toward company growth.

Change Management & Team Enablement

Equip teams with the skills and mindset to embrace change and drive innovation.

At the end of the 12-week program, we’ll present the next Impact Filter. This way we constantly show that we’re delivering Real Impact and have a clear path forward. The result? Zero waste, only impactful actions, and complete ownership of the challenges you hired us to solve.

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However, as they grew, they ran into challenges that many fast-growing SaaS companies face.



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What's Next?

If you're curious to learn more, please fill out the form. You'll also be able to schedule a time with one of our RevOps Consultants after the submission is completed.

Once you've scheduled a time, you'll get a short form to complete. This will ensure that we can come prepared, and get straight into your business case. The call will focus on your goals, plans, and operational challenges.

* You'll get redirected to a calendar when submitting the form.


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the price of the 12-week program?

The price for the program varies depending on your company's size and complexity, but the typical investment ranges from €10500-€18000.

What happens after the 12 weeks have passed?

At the end of the 12 weeks, we'll present the next Impact Filter and OKR to continue helping you boost your revenue engine. And while most companies continue working with us after the program has ended, those with simple operations might choose to venture out on their own.

How soon can we start?
We want to provide you with a best-of-breed experience that will wow you. And we're confident you'll not get a better experience anywhere else. But there are two catches: 
  • We have three slots available per month. This is due to the intensity and internal resources needed. We'd rather say no than not be able to provide you with the experience you'd expect from the leading RevOps consultancy for HubSpot CRM in the Nordics.  
  • We reserve the right to decline clients who do not fit into our ICP and where we don't believe there is a strong business case. If we don't think we can deliver Real Impact through our work together, we believe it's in the best interest of both parties not to engage. 
What is the difference between a Revenue Operating System and a Revenue Engine?

A revenue operating system is a holistic framework that encompasses the people, processes, technology, and data a business uses to grow and scale.

The revenue engine refers specifically to the mechanisms and activities directly involved in generating revenue. This includes sales strategies, marketing campaigns, customer acquisition and retention tactics, and any other direct revenue-generating activities.

What is an Impact Filter?

Imagine you're about to embark on a journey. Before you set off, you decide to sketch out a map to ensure you know where you're going, why it's important to get there, and what you'll need to make the journey successful. An Impact Filter is like that map for all our projects or initiatives. 
In essence, an Impact Filter is a tool or process used to clarify the purpose, importance, and expected outcomes of a project before starting it. It helps us answer some critical questions:

  1. What are we aiming to achieve? (The Goal)
  2. Why is it crucial to succeed? (The Importance)
  3. What will success look like? (The Desired Outcome)
  4. What's the business impact? (The Impact Assessment)
What's an OKR?

OKRs are a bit like setting up signposts and milestones along the path of that journey outlined in the Impact Filter. They help us keep track of our progress and ensure we're heading in the right direction.

An OKR consists of two parts:

  1. Objective: This is our destination. It's a clear, inspirational, and engaging statement of what we want to achieve.
  2. Key Results: These are the signposts along the way. They are specific, measurable outcomes that, if achieved, will directly contribute to the Objective. Think of them as the evidence that we're moving closer to our destination.
Why can't we just start a retainer instead of the 12-week program?

While all business have their own unique ways of working, some things are very similar across businesses. After having done close to 150 HubSpot implementations we've found that the best results come from starting with a solid foundation with a clear mutual understanding of where we're at and where we're going.

The program allows us to work in a highly focused and structured manner, leading to better and faster results.