Case Study

How Hubex Streamlined Culture Intelligence's Website Migration from WordPress to HubSpot

“In terms of quantitative results post-launch, within one month, our engagement rate surged by an impressive 56%. Comparing the latest month to the previous, the substantial increase in engagement is a clear testament to the immediate impact of our website transformation." Surendra Thapaliya, Head of Marketing at Culture Intelligence


Key challenges

Integration Complexity

Integration Complexity: Culture Intelligence faced challenges switching from their WordPress-based website to a HubSpot one, requiring a seamless transition of contacts and data.

Pricing Model Complexity

Developing an optimal pricing page proved challenging, initially featuring a complex model with numerous tiers. Simplifying this into a user-friendly format required careful consideration.

Forms Management Restructuring

The existing WordPress setup posed difficulties in maintaining a cohesive forms structure in HubSpot. This presented a substantial challenge in organizing and streamlining the forms management process.

SEO Optimization Difficulty

Addressing SEO challenges in WordPress, such as lacking a centralized area for instructions on all pages.

Solutions & Results

Strategically partnering with Hubex, a HubSpot expert, Culture Intelligence simplified its pricing model, streamlined form management, and empowered design flexibility with a tailored CMS solution.

Improved Lead Nurturing Practices

What could Proviso do to better engage, support, and build strong relationships with their prospective customers?

Christine Jacobsen Martin, Proviso’s Chief Marketing Officer, remarks, “Hubex has advised us on how to provide our leads with appropriate and relevant content and information at every stage of the buyer’s journey.”

A New Level of Control And Visibility With HubSpot Migration

Hubex assisted Proviso with migrating its help center to HubSpot and implementing HubSpot CRM.

Martin says this enabled Proviso to offer better customer service: "We have better tools now, benefiting both our end users and team members. Compared to what we had before, we have a whole new level of control and visibility."

Contact Volume and Customers Are Way Up

As a result of partnering with Hubex, conversions, contacts, and customers have never been higher.

Christine J. Martin notes: “Occasionally, things slow down, and the number of leads drops, as in every business. When this happens, Hubex is great at tweaking things to boost traffic and leads again. It's something we wouldn't be able to do without them.”

The ‘Brønnøysund for HubSpot’ Integration Has Made Salespeople's Work Easier

Hubex helped Proviso install the HubSpot–Brønnøysundregistrene Integration, allowing them to enrich their CRM company records with data from Brønnøysundregistrene.

Martin notes, “Our company data must be 100% accurate when we enter it into HubSpot. The HubSpot-Brønnøysundregistrene Integration means we no longer have to search for customer company data manually; we can simply look up any company in the app, and the data syncs automatically to HubSpot.”

New Hubspot Licenses Have Helped Maximize Proviso’s Marketing and Revenue Operations

With a basic license, Proviso began its transition to HubSpot modestly. Gradually, they migrated more and more, such as their website and user manual.

“As HubSpot experts”, says Martin, “Hubex has helped us figure out which modules should be tied together to get the maximum effect of all our work. It has enabled us to cancel our subscriptions for some of the other systems we have been using, and we will cancel others as well. It saves us money and consolidates our efforts.”

Proviso Received More Leads Than They Could Handle

On average, Proviso has seen a 40% year-over-year growth in marketing-qualified leads since they started working with Hubex in 2020.

Unlike many competitors, Proviso has a luxury problem: “Sometimes we've had to turn off lead generation, like 'Try for free' campaigns,” Christine says. “We were simply overwhelmed by the number of leads flowing in...!”

How it was done

  • Strategic Approach to Integration: Engaging in a strategic partnership with Hubex, a seasoned HubSpot and Revenue Operations expert, to navigate and overcome Hubspot integration complexities.
  • Optimized Pricing Page: Collaborating with Hubex to simplify the pricing model, resulting in a user-friendly and customizable pricing page for enhanced customer engagement.
  • Forms Management Streamlining: Ensuring a cohesive and organized approach to form submissions, now handled within one platform (Hubspot).
  • Tailored CMS Solutions: Implementing a tailored CMS solution, empowering Culture Intelligence with design flexibility and eliminating limitations from the previous WordPress setup.


Engagement Rate Increase

Post-website launch, Culture Intelligence witnessed a remarkable 56% increase in engagement rate within just one month, reflecting the effectiveness of the implemented strategies.

Improved User Experience

The successful integration and migration efforts carried out by Hubex freed up internal resources and delivered a notably enhanced product experience for end-users.

Post-Launch Support

Hubex's post-launch support proved responsive, addressing minor issues promptly and reflecting a commitment to ongoing support and customer satisfaction



Guiding Culture Intelligence through the WordPress to HubSpot transition has been a significant journey for us at Hubex. Our focus on specific challenges aimed to simplify marketing campaigns and enhance the customer experience seamlessly.

Beyond overcoming challenges, the success of this collaboration is evident in the sustained growth post-launch. Furthermore, this project underscores the value of tailored solutions that align with the unique needs of Culture Intelligence, fostering a journey of continuous improvement.