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Common questions

Hubex offers a flat rate with unlimited task submissions and revisions. The price you sign up for is what you will pay, unrelated to the number of requests or revisions you make.

The only limit is the number of active concurrent tasks that are included in your subscription, our scope of work, and fair use.

You can read more about it here.

In general, we can do anything and everything as long as the task meets the following criteria:

  • It can be completed in full in HubSpot
  • You are able to reasonably explain or show what you are after

If you want a more extensive overview, you can view our official scope of services here.


On average, our subscription customers get their first concept within 1-2 business days. The average task is completed and approved four days after it's actively worked on. The turnaround time will vary based on the complexity of the request and the number of requests in your queue. 

Need things to happen faster? You can always upgrade your subscription to allow us to work on more tasks concurrently. 

You can read more about our turnaround time here.

A task lane is a daily shift dedicated to working on your currently active task.

The time spent per task lane will vary based on your average task lane utilization (fair use) and the complexity of the task.

The fair use concept is something we've added to ensure every customer is getting what they pay for. The utilization rate is calculated based on a trailing 30-day time period.

If you have a large number of complex tasks and always have a backlog, your task utilization will go up, and we'll decrease the average shift length.

On the other hand, if your average task utilization is low for a given period, we'll increase the length of the shifts.

By credit card: Upfront payment, monthly billing cycle (Stripe)

By invoice: Upfront payment, quarterly billing cycle (NET14)

No. All our employees are hired and trained by us. But as we are a fully remote company, we hire from all over the world.

You can read more about it here.

Within a few minutes, you will get an email to activate your account.

Your onboarding specialist will reach out by email to schedule your introductory onboarding call (phone or digital) within 1-2 working days of signing up. This call will focus on your situation, and how we best can support you.

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade straight from the portal and will take effect from the next billing cycle (if you want to upgrade and do so faster, you can always get in touch to speed things up.

You can cancel your subscription from the portal or contacting support using chat or email. The cancellation will take effect from the next billing cycle.

Yes, you can invite your entire team and have them submitting tasks. But we do recommend having some structure to it to make sure you get your most important tasks done in a timely manner.