#08 - Matthew Volm: RevOps Community Evolution - Trends, Careers, and Triumphs


In this episode, we're joined by Matthew Volm, the founder of a thriving RevOps community, to discuss the challenges and strategies of building and growing a specialized community within the tech space.

Hosted by Andreas Kongstad, this episode explores the evolution of Revenue Operations (RevOps) and its profound impact on business strategies.

In this episode

Join us as we explore the dynamic world of Revenue Operations with Matthew Volm, who has successfully cultivated a community of over 11,000 RevOps professionals. This discussion covers the inception of the community, key metrics for success, and predictions for future trends in RevOps technology and strategies.

Matthew shares his journey from launching a RevOps software product to focusing entirely on community engagement, offering insights into the challenges faced and strategies employed to foster active participation and growth.

Key Takeaways

  1. Building and Growing a RevOps Community: Insights into starting and expanding a professional community.
  2. Challenges and Strategies in RevOps Community Engagement: Effective techniques for fostering engagement and participation.
  3. The Evolution of RevOps and its Impact on business strategy: How RevOps is reshaping business operations and strategic planning.
  4. Key metrics and KPIs for measuring RevOps success: Essential metrics for tracking and ensuring the effectiveness of RevOps initiatives.
  5. Career paths and opportunities in Revenue Operations: Exploration of career trajectories and growth opportunities within the field of RevOps.
  6. Future trends and predictions in RevOps technology and strategies: Anticipated developments and innovations in RevOps tools and methodologies.


Building and Growing a RevOps Community

Matthew discusses the initial motivations for creating a RevOps community and the methods used to attract and retain members. Key points include:

  • Initial challenges: Overcoming the hurdles of starting a community from scratch.
  • Growth strategies: Tactics that helped propel the community to over 11,000 members.

Challenges and Strategies in RevOps Community Engagement

Delving into the specifics of community management, Matthew outlines the strategies that have been crucial in maintaining an active and engaged community. Highlights include:

  • Engagement techniques: Methods for encouraging active participation and dialogue among community members.
  • Overcoming engagement barriers: Solutions to common challenges in community engagement.

The Evolution of RevOps and its Impact on Business Strategy

Exploring how RevOps has transformed from a niche role to a central business strategy, Matthew provides insights into:

  • Strategic importance: The growing relevance of RevOps in shaping business strategies.
  • Impact on business operations: How RevOps influences decision-making processes and operational efficiencies.

Key Metrics and KPIs for Measuring RevOps Success

Understanding the metrics that matter, Matthew shares the key performance indicators critical for assessing the success of RevOps activities. This includes:

  • Performance metrics: What metrics are pivotal for RevOps success.
  • Analytical approaches: How to effectively analyze and interpret these metrics to drive improvements.

Career Paths and Opportunities in Revenue Operations

Matthew reflects on the career opportunities within RevOps, discussing:

  • Career progression: Potential career paths for professionals in the RevOps space.
  • Skill development: Key skills and experiences beneficial for advancement in RevOps.

Future Trends and Predictions in RevOps Technology and Strategies

Looking ahead, Matthew speculates on the future developments in RevOps, covering:

  • Technological innovations: Emerging tools and technologies likely to impact RevOps.
  • Strategic shifts: How strategies might evolve in response to changing business landscapes.


  • (0:00) Introduction to the episode and background on Matthew Volm.
  • (1:00) Discussion on building and growing a RevOps community.
  • (6:00) Insights into the evolution of RevOps and its strategic impact.
  • (10:00) Exploration of key metrics and KPIs in RevOps.
  • (15:00) Career opportunities and paths in Revenue Operations.
  • (20:00) Predictions on future trends in RevOps technology and strategies.


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