HubSpot Audit for B2B SaaS

Identify bottlenecks, optimize processes, and drive growth with actionable insights tailored to your business needs.

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Reduce Friction and Enhance Performance

Our in-depth audit goes beyond surface-level analysis. We dive deep into your HubSpot usage, pinpointing inefficiencies and bottlenecks across your marketing, sales, and customer success teams.

We provide actionable insights and recommendations that drive growth and improve overall business performance.

HubSpot Utilization

Streamline processes, improve team collaboration, and maximize ROI.

Sales Performance

Boost sales efficiency, increase conversion rates, and meet sales goals.

Marketing ROI

Align marketing initiatives with business goals, enhance lead generation, and increase marketing ROI.

Customer Retention

Boost customer satisfaction, reduce churn, and increase customer lifetime value.

Team Performance and Efficiency

Streamline daily tasks, identify skill development opportunities, and enable effective contribution to overall company success.

Turn Insights Into
Actionable Growth Tactics


Understand your current HubSpot usage, pinpoint inefficiencies, and gain practical insights for enhancement.


Receive expert opinions on your marketing, sales, and customer success plans, uncover hidden opportunities, and align your efforts with your business goals.


Prioritize your efforts effectively by focusing on areas that deliver the highest impact on your business performance and growth.

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How Our HubSpot Audit Works

Our HubSpot audit is a collaborative process that involves an in-depth analysis of your HubSpot portal, a comprehensive workshop to present our findings and recommendations, and a detailed action plan.


HubSpot Audit

We perform a thorough review of your HubSpot portal and survey your internal teams to uncover points of friction and inefficiencies.

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We present our findings and provide recommendations in a workshop, allowing for collaborative discussion and planning.


What You Get

Our HubSpot audit delivers a comprehensive action plan with suggested areas of focus, a detailed audit report outlining specific findings, and a roadmap for implementing the recommended changes. This includes:

  • A clear understanding of your current HubSpot usage and areas of inefficiency.
  • Actionable insights and recommendations to drive improvement.
  • A detailed roadmap for implementing the recommended changes.
  • A comprehensive audit report outlining specific findings from your portal and the audit.

Is Our HubSpot Audit Right for Your Business?

Our HubSpot audit is designed to deliver maximum value for B2B SaaS companies with a proven business model and a commitment to optimizing their use of HubSpot.

To ensure that our audit is a good fit for your business, please consider the following qualifications:

01. HubSpot Usage

Your company must actively use at least two HubSpot Hubs on the professional tier or above.

02. Business Type

You must be a B2B SaaS company. Our expertise lies in helping such businesses overcome their unique challenges and drive growth.

03. Proven Business Model

Your business model must be proven and established. Our audit is designed to optimize and scale existing processes, not to establish them from scratch.

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