Sample HubSpot Marketing Hub onboarding plan

Guided Marketing Hub Onboarding

Technical and strategic guidance on setting up and using HubSpot's Marketing Hub

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Week 1

Getting started: You'll have a kick-off with your onboarding specialist and outline the ideal onboarding plan to ensure you get started in the best way possible.

Week 2-4

Workshops: You'll have a series of workshops focusing on the three key milestones identified during the kick-off call.

Week 5

Completion: You can now either venture out on your own or keep working together either by adding more workshops or through our subscription.

Sample HubSpot Marketing Hub onboarding plan

The following sample onboarding plan is created to give you a sense of what a typical onboarding would look like in terms of structure and timeline. 

Note that we will spend time during the initial strategic call to map out your main milestones and tailor the workshop agenda and structure to fit your needs. 

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Week 1

Getting started

Getting started

During the kick-off call, we'll identify key milestones for the onboarding to make sure we focus on the right things. We'll also do some general housekeeping, such as ordering your template setup.

If you've purchased the technical implementation add-on, we'll start working on setting up your portal after the kick-off call is completed. Note that we typically do the data import* during week 3.

What is a milestone? A key event during the onboarding, typically something you'd like to have done/learned by a specific time, e.g., launching your new blog on HubSpot.

* We only do the CRM data import for you if you have the technical implementation add-on, but are happy to provide guidance in the standard onboarding package as a part of the workshops. Note that the quality of the import is highly dependant on the quality of the data provided.

Complete CRM migrations are not a part of the standard packages and would need to be scoped and priced separately. Please get in touch if you're looking for a migration, or if you're not sure if an import or migration is the right choice for you.

Week 2

First milestone

Capture & convert leads

Milestone: Have a clear understanding of the ways to capture leads in HubSpot.

By now, you'll be able to: Set up lead capture assets using HubSpot and create lists to segment your database.

Area of focus:

  • Base CRM functionality (e.g., contacts and companies)
  • Standard & custom properties
  • Lists
  • Forms 

Week 3

Second milestone

Engage & nurture leads

Milestone: Have created first lead nurturing campaign in HubSpot

By now, you'll be able to: Create marketing campaigns in HubSpot and are comfortable with tying it all together in HubSpot's campaigns tool.

Area of focus:

  • Campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Emails
  • Workflows (Automation)

Week 4

Third milestone

Reporting & analytics

Milestone: Have created marketing dashboard for monthly KPI reporting

By now, you'll be able to: Break down key data using standard and custom reports and create new dashboards in HubSpot

Area of focus:

  • Standard reports
  • Custom report builder
  • Dashboards

Week 5


Complete onboarding & transition

Milestone: Have completed the three milestones identified during the kick-off call.

By now, you'll be able to: Use the key functionalities in HubSpot Marketing Hub. You are comfortable using the tool and understand how all the different parts are connected and how to leverage the "all in one" capabilities of HubSpot.

What now? Most onboarding clients pick one of the following paths once the onboarding is completed:

  • Venture out on their own
  • Purchase our ongoing subscription packages (either straight away or after some time)

Note: The onboarding ends either by completing all workshops and the Q&A call. If you've not used your workshops within three months from the day of purchase, they will expire. 

Talk to sales

If you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can best support you, book a meeting with a HubEx sales rep to make sure you got everything you need to get started the best way possible with HubSpot. You can also search our onboarding FAQ for common questions and answers.