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HubSpot Onboarding

You know growth, we know HubSpot. We help you accelerate your way to proficiency, allowing you to increase the growth of your company through HubSpot.


  Fast, cost-effective, and streamlined

  Experienced onboarding team

  Only pay for what you need

Faster onboardings

You'll be in good company

HubSpot should work with you — not against you.

With our do-it-together onboarding, we will guide you through every step to make sure you get started the best way possible. No matter if you're a HubSpot superuser or if you've never used HubSpot before, we got you covered. 

Not sure what package is the right one for you? Feel free to use the chatbot to book a meeting or start a conversation with an onboarding specialist. You can also get a few recommendations sent over by email by clicking on the link below. 


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Our guided HubSpot onboarding packages

Our onboarding packages are made specifically for HubSpot's Professional and Enterprise suite of products.


Don’t just take our word for it — here’s what our customers have to say

No matter if you're a small business just getting started with HubSpot, or an established company that has been using HubSpot for years, we can help you get the most out of your HubSpot investment.

Hubex has smart people and valuable knowledge about Sales and marketing in Hubspot. It was great working together and getting us started with Hubspot.

Marte G.

Working with clever people is always enjoyable. Hubex is very knowledgeable, agile and customer-centred. I can truly recommend working with them.

Nils M. S.
Leith Executive Educaton

Common questions

Our guided onboarding is developed side by side with several HubSpot reps and is designed to closely emulate the guided onboarding from HubSpot, with a few key differences:

It's faster: We'll have the kick-off within days, and you'll be up and running within a month.

It's less than half the price*: While the HubSpot guided onboardings will typically set you back around €3000, we only charge between €459-1399 for our guided onboarding packages.
*If you're buying the Marketing Hub (pro/ent), Sales Hub (ent), or the CRM Suite.

We offer additional hands-on help if you need it at a ridiculously low price: If you're also looking for hands-on help importing your data and setting up your portal and/or website in HubSpot, you'd typically need to find a separate vendor for this. This takes time and is typically not very cost-effective.

We've done it a lot: While years of experience don't tell the whole story, it can at least be an indication. Your onboarding team has over six years of experience each working with HubSpot on a daily basis with a large number of clients.

If you're looking for more hands-on help in your HubSpot portal outside the workshops, you should consider adding the implementation support.

The same goes if you want help importing your contact database into HubSpot. 

If you're not sure, please get in touch so we can tailor the onboarding package to your needs.

You're more than welcome to contact your onboarding specialist should you have specific questions. You can also use your included ad-hoc Q&A call should you need some additional help. 

If you want to book ad-hoc meetings on an ongoing basis, we recommend looking at our white glove implementation service (the Advantage subscription). 

Should you need more help later on, you can either purchase a standalone workshop or subscribe to our subscription service. 

Yes! Through our guided onboarding, we can spend time during the workshop to help you with your import and share best practices to make sure your import is as clean as possible. 

With our implementation support services, we can also do the import for you (if you provide us with the data). 

Note that the import will only be as good as the data you provide from the current system. If you want help with an import, please get in touch to make sure we are aligned in terms of expectations!

Yes! If importing the data from a spreadsheet is not gonna cut it for you (typically as you're looking to import activities such as meetings and calls), we might just be able to help through our CRM migration service. 

Please get in touch with us to discuss.

CRM Import: You provide us with a spreadsheet with key data. This should following the best practices outlined in the following post

CRM Migration: Best suited if you are not able to export your data into a spreadsheet, or need "timeline-based items" such as emails, meeting notes, and other activities. 

If you're looking for a migration we're happy to discuss how to best assist you. Note that migrations are not included in our standard packaging and is priced separately.

No. At this point in time, we don't offer custom integrations and setup of 3rd party integrations.

We are however happy to assist you in installing integrations from the HubSpot marketplace. 

We use Stripe for payments. All payments are upfront by debit or credit card. 

Still have questions? Don't worry,
we got your back!

Our onboarding specialists are ready to answer any question you might have to make sure you got everything you need to be successful with HubSpot. You can also browse more commonly asked onboarding questions in our FAQ.