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for a fixed monthly fee.

On-demand help starting at €699 per month

A Solid Foundation for Your HubSpot Success

Spend less time managing HubSpot and more time growing your business with on-demand support from our expert team.

Effortless delegation

On-demand Help in

Submit your HubSpot tasks using the Hubex-portal, and we'll keep you updated on the progress. Our team will deliver completed tasks straight to your HubSpot portal, saving you time and effort.

Less effort, better results

Blueprints &
Task Templates.

Choose from our library of prebuilt blueprints and task templates to streamline your task submission and get inspired by new possibilities in HubSpot.

Continuous improvements

Ongoing Portal

Our monthly lightweight portal review helps identify areas for improvement. We'll share suggestions with you, and you can decide if you'd like us to implement the improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a task lane?
Short version: It's how we allocate resources and manage workload.

Long version:

  • Task lanes represent the capacity to handle work, similar to a conveyor belt in a factory.
  • In the Foundation package, we allocate up to 8 hours per month for each task lane (this includes working tasks and communication).
  • If tasks pile up on the "conveyor belt" due to task complexity or volume, consider upgrading capacity or adjusting workload.
  • Only one active task per task lane at a time.
How long does it take to complete a task?
Short version: 1-2 days for simple tasks, 2-4 days for standard tasks.

Long version:

  • Pre-defined blueprints come with a delivery estimate.
  • Custom tasks vary, and we focus on delivering tasks quickly.
  • For complex tasks, we'll inform you of the estimated completion time.
What kind of tasks can you help with?
Short version: If it's in HubSpot and you can describe it, we should be able to help.

Long version:

  • We can assist with most HubSpot tasks with a clear description.
  • Rare instances may occur where we cannot help due to complexity or HubSpot limitations.
  • Complex tasks may need additional resources or task lanes.
How many task lanes do I need?
  • Most companies actively using HubSpot use 2-3 task lanes.
  • One task lane may suffice for occasional help and limited complexity tasks.
  • Trial the service to determine the best fit for your needs.
Do you offer other payment options than Stripe?
  • Yes, we offer payment by invoice with a quarterly payment schedule.
  • The trial is not available with the invoice option.
What happens once I've signed up?
  • Receive a welcome email with next steps.
  • Add us to your portal and schedule a walk-through.
  • Submit tasks and track progress in the Hubex portal.
  • Customer Success Manager will check in during the second week.
Can you do multiple tasks at a time?
  • Yes, with multiple task lanes, we can work on several tasks simultaneously.
  • Task lane allocation is adjusted based on task type for efficient delivery.
Do you use freelancers?
  • No, our entire team are full-time employees based in Norway and Serbia for consistent quality.
  • Tasks requiring access to contacts, companies, or deals are done by the Norwegian team for EU customers.

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